The Table of Contents

What Life Shines, It is Within Him ConstantineMK1
Silent Protector Nadja Lee7
Love Letters Moon718
Finding Peace Jonas36
Philalexandros Gwen39
Moments in Time Nadja Lee47
Dreams Jonas63
Steel Beauty Nadja Lee65
With a Kiss Loki67
Babylon Beryll78
I'm Nothing Without You Nadja Lee94
I Worry for You Without Me Nadja Lee96
Never Regret Wannabelg98
Many Hated Him Nadja Lee119
Isolation of Love Nadja Lee121
The Episode of Gaugamela Loki124
The Price of Loyalty Nadja Lee130
Choice Myr Juhl149
Desert Songs Rothalion152
Once I Had a Dream Nadja Lee168
Hushed be Every THought Joanne171
Demon Soul Loki190
Slighted Lover Joanne201
Princes and Princesses Myr Juhl208
Victory Hard Won Demon Faith210
Leaving Babylon Behind Michelle Nicole Boyer233


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