Type: gen

$39.00 (US) * $45.00 (Mex/Can) * $47.00 (overseas)

In this unique Lord of the Rings/X-Men crossover novel by Nadja Lee, the X-Men -- Scott, Logan, Ororo and Rogue -- land in Middle-earth, in the middle of the forming of the Fellowship of the Ring. The four X-Men join the Fellowship on their Quest, but aren't sure if they are sent to save or destroy the Fellowship. Unbeknownst to them, Sauron has called the evil and power-hungry Phoenix, an alter-ego of Jean, Scott's wife, to aid him. As Scott fights with the realization that he might have to battle his wife, Rogue battles her own desires, which the Ring feeds, while Ororo and Legolas fight their growing attaction. Will the four new members of the Fellowship be able to save Boromir? Will Phoenix help Sauron destroy Middle-earth? Will her plans change after learning of Faramir? Does Ororo hold the key to an old prophesy and will the X-Men ever manage to find a way back home? Love, brotherhood, intrigue, drama, angst...emotions run high as new bonds are formed and some give their very all. Don't miss this amazing zine!