The Table of Contents

Blood Moon Robyn LaSalle X-files 5
In Dreams RJ Burnett Man from UNCLE 14
Passion Lies RJ Burnett Man from UNCLE 15
Night of the Dream Mary Millard Wild, Wild West 17
Only One of Us is Coming Back Melissa Mastoris A-team 25
Be Gentle RJ Burnett Department S 26
Training Manuevers Sonni Crockett War of the Worlds 27
Once and For All Krystofer Robbin Magnum, P.I. 33
Silent Insistence Julian Miami Vice 37
Agent Cooper's Guide to Peaking Dale Cooper Twin Peaks 38
Limericks Amedia Slutte Man from UNCLE 41
Butterfly Etch Houston Knights 42
Family Business Kyra Taylor Equalizer 47
Snow Blind Dargelos Hard Target 63
Quid Pro Quo Ruby Professionals 71
Checkmate Kyra Taylor Equalizer 87
Tomorrow's Seeds Shanachie Quantum Leap 139
Dreamer's Ball Buddy Cole Man from UNCLE 145
A Good Trade Mirenna Thunderheart 151
Psychobabble Robyn LaSalle X-files 159
Sleep-Over RJ Burnett Department S 167
Pathos Robyn La Salle 3 Musketeers 181
Stewart's Revelation RJ Burnett Department S 196
At The Priory Mirenna Name of the Rose 197
Podnahs Julian Starsky & Hutch 200
God Bless the Child Krystofer Robbin Magnum, P.I. 201
Harlie 'n Marlie Robyn LaSalle Harley Davidson & the Marlboro Man 207
What Partners are For Flamingo Miami Vice 209
Lap of the Gods Robyn LaSalle Stargate SG-1 235
No Secrets Robyn LaSalle Lethal Weapon 243


Koz front cover
Dover 3, 31, 40, 46, 61, 69, 129, 138,
144, 157, 179, 199, 206, 221
Jazz 24, 46

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