The Table of Contents

Reputations Gypsy Lovejoy 5
The Last Time RJ Burnett Miami Vice 17
Never Too Old Robyn LaSalle Lethal Weapon 19
My Man Jeeves Bertie Wooster Wooster and Jeeves 41
Gentle Reminder Doreen Tracy Quantum Leap 53
Lamb of Love Robyn LaSalle Silence of the Lambs 59
Rhapsody in Plaid Mirenna 21 Jump Street 75
Meditation in Sorrow Robyn LaSalle Road House 95
Massage Therapy Mysty Mayfair Quantum Leap 97
Darkest Before Dawn Ruby Professionals 105
Save it 'Til the Morning After Robyn LaSalle Miami Vice 123
Payback is a Mother Doreen Tracy Quantum Leap 143
View from the Top Robyn LaSalle Thunderheart 147
With This Ring...the Silence RJ Burnett Miami Vice 148
The Key Mirenna 21 Jump Street 149
Running in a Closet Robyn LaSalle Houston Knights 151
Song of the Wolf Mirenna Ladyhawke 157
Reflections in Moonlight Misty Mayfair Quantum Leap 175
Worth the Cleaning Bill H. Ann Walton Professionals 181
Cool Miami Nights Brendan O'Cullane Miami Vice/Lost Boys 187
The Tranquilizer Nola Frame-Grey Equilizer 207


Koz front cover
Burnett 3, 39
Jung 121, 185
Seraph 206

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