The Table of Contents

The Perfect Solo-tion Deborah Kittle3
Decision Made Kathryn Agel10
The Medics Strike Back Carolun Golledge and Judy Yuenger11
A Medal Kathryn Agel18
Three Tickets to Tatooine Z.P. Florian19
This Could Really Save my Neck Nora Mayers27
Feelings Kathryn Agel36
Secrets Martha Wells37
I Got More Than I Bargained For Nora Mayers49
One Plus One Equals One Cat Anson53
Run Before the Storm Marcia Brin75
Reap the Whirlwind Marcia Brin80
What are You Lookin' At? Nora Mayers83
Han Solo at Wit's End Rita Wilcoxon86
Art Portfolio Z.P. Florian96
I Knew There Was More To You Than Money Nora Mayers105
At First Sight Pat Nussman110
Reputation Kathryn Agel134
The Night of the Four-Way Cross Debra Doyle and J.D. MacDonald135


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