The Table of Contents

The Holocaust Laura MichaelsOriginal 1
Times Change Beth C. MastersonPern 3
How I Met My Best Friend Tracy RevelsOriginal 13
Mother Yada's Nursery Rhymes AnonymousStar Wars 15
Two Men and a Baby Tracy RevelsOriginal 16
April's Fool Barbara TrimbleSimon and Simon 27
We've Done It All Barbara TrimbleSimon and Simon 34
You're in the Business Now Barbara TrimbleSimon and Simon 34
Happy Birthday, Captain Kirk Larry HausStar Trek (TOS) 36
'Twas the Night Before Inspection Barbara E. TrimbleStar Trek (TOS) 39
Reflection Barbara E. TrimbleStar Trek (TOS) 40
Blood Moon Susan LeffStar Trek: TNG 42
Illusion Claire MunroeOriginal 49
Almost Teresa SarickThe Phoenix 56
First Dance Susan M. MurrieStar Wars 58
The Meek Shall Inherit Lisa BeasleyStar Wars 60
Strong Arm of the Galaxy Lisa BeasleyStar Wars 65
Duel in Colors Michele LelloucheOriginal 69
Pros and Cons Teresa SarickThe Professionals 78


Virginia Turpinfront cover, 41, 43, 45, 47
Michele Lelloucheback cover, 21, 26
Chazz2, 12, 33, 36, 38, 64, 67, 75
Gordon Smuder35, 69, 77
Rachelle Wadsworth52, 55
Lynne Alisse Witten29, 32

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