The Table of Contents

You, Traveller Kate Orman 6
History in the Making Audra McHugh 7
Goodbye, Sarah Jane Coleen Kisterman 11
The Birds, the Bees and K-9 Coleen Kisterman 15
Incident on Polaris V Lori Grenci 20
The Doctor Gets Redecorated Lori Grenci 33
Turlough Bowls a Maiden Over Nick Jens 38
Tricks of the Light Alden Bates 42
Heads or Tails Elsa Frohman 46
Time's Arrow Edana Aldys Haukyns 62
Nocturne Otsaandosti 99
Nothing Like the Sun Janet Coleman Sides 103
Memories of Gendalof Gertrude Danoise 111
Dead Too Long Kate Orman 123
Da Song O.H.W. 132
Rescue the Perishing A.N. Ellis 175

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