In the series, Dr. Clayton Forrester, Harrison Blackwood's foster father, had worked on "Operation Deep Ice," a project regarding the 1953 invasion, whose papers were stored in an underground vault. When the group gets to the army base, they discover that the archives are stored in more than one vault under various misspellings of the name 'Deep Ice,' as a security measure. While 'Dee-Pice' was one of those misspellings, and even though these zines have been out of print for quite a while, they are no longer 'lost'. Come read wonderful stories from some of the best authors in this fandom, and discover just why the aliens were so eager to get their hands on these documents!

Type: gen


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Type: gen

In the adept hands of Gillian Holt, Brenda Anders and Debra Hicks, these stories combine War of the Worlds and Quantum Leap in some of the best crossovers you've ever read! Can Sam Beckett handle discovering that aliens really are trying to take over the world? Will Harrison Blackwood and Paul Ironhorse be able to assimilate that time travel really does exist? Never did two fandoms fit together so perfectly! Don't miss this fantastic zine!


In 1953, Earth experienced a War of the Worlds. Common bacteria stopped the aliens, but it didn't kill them. Instead, the aliens lapsed into a state of deep hibernation. Now the aliens have been awakened, more terrifying than before. In 1953, the aliens tried to take over the world. Now they have the ability to take over our bodies! In order to fight the aliens, a taskforce is assembled, consisting of a maverick scientist named Harrison Blackwood, whose parents were killed in the '53 attack; microbiologist Suzanne McCullough (and her daughter Debi), and computer whiz Norton Drake. Guarding them and guaranteeing their safety is no-nonsense Lt. Col. Paul Ironhorse, half-Indian, and all soldier. While the group attempts to learn more about the aliens and how to bring about their downfall, they also do their best to humanize Ironhorse. Harrison especially makes this his mission, while Paul does his best to make them understand that an alien invasion is no laughing matter. Will Paul crack a smile before an alien kills them all? Come find out!

Type: gen