The Table of Contents

Enterprise Log Sharon Fetter1
Show Me the Way Home Susan K. McLeod2
Vigil Beverly Volker55
Saavik's Prayer Cheryl Zier57
The Errand Micheline England58
The Demon Robin Walker65
Like the Stars Donna Rose Vanderlaan71
The Watchers Lynn Syck and Laurel Ridener72
Dance in the Dragon's Jaws Rosemarie Eierman98
No Greater Love Ginger Dawson110
Captain, Do You Play? Liz Ellington122
More Than Shining Nora Jeffrey139
Addendum: Fantasy Fulfilled Beverly Volker143
The Ode to Big Daddy Blues Betsy Fisher147
Star Trek - The Musical Kevin Lewis, Paula Smith, Beverly Grant149
The Ceremony of Silence Sharon Fetter173
Ghosts Sandy Zier175
Tradition's Move Allyson Mann176
Will You Ever Donna Rose Vanderlaan208
Project Confidant Alinda Alain209


Lori KnottFront Cover
Fiona Graves2
Caro Hedges71, 173
Christine Myers72
Carole Swoboda98
Maggie Manlove143
Steve Wilson149
Mary Stacy-MacDonald176
Suzan Lovett209

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