Table of Contents

Here Be Dragons Carol Hart 1
Spock's Revenge: You Can't Keep a Vulcan Down Roberta Rogow 8
Memory Serves Carol Pierce 9
The Question Ginna LaCroix 24
The Saddest Of These Mary Woodruff 26
Hide In Plain Sight Lucy Beckett 28
Star Cluster Linda Neighbors 76
Mea Culpa Flora Poste 78
The Needs Of the One CarolMel Ambassador & Alinda Alain79
The Hearts We Leave Behind Liz Ellington 88
Child Of Future Dreams Gina Godwim 115
Vigil Cat Malvin 116
The Race Sarah Macht Dewitt 118
The Hand Of Friendship Carol Lynne Briskow 133
A Candle Burns Laurel Ridener & Lynne Syck 199
Thoughts In Opposition Marion McChesney 212
Not Of Your Remembrance Jan Davies 214
Of Brief Passage Mary Woodruff 217
A Warrior's Reflection Julie Cesari 218
Possibilities Eleanor Dimick 220


Suzan Lovett Front Cover
Carole Swoboda Back Cover

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