The Table of Contents

Nothing Lasts Forever Ginna LaCroix 1
A Christmas Dragon Rosemarie Eierman 37
Tomorrows P.E. Kinlock 42
Passage Though Purgatory Nancye James 43
The Blue Demon A.C Crispin 51
Wind-Flowers Sharon Fetter 58
Somewhere in the Darkest Night Lynn Syck & Laurel Ridener 59
A Tale of Time Sharon Fetter 68
Dragons Call Rosemarie Eierman 69
Since We're Going That Way Meg Fine 74
The Final Toast Sandra Middleton 75
To A Trek Writer Flora Poste 81
Validity of Friendship Marilyn Cole 82
A Dragon in the Woods Rosemarie Eierman 101
Aftermath P.E. Kinlock 108
Wait for the Morning Marion McChesney 111
When Evening Comes Marion McChesney 159
Wanderin' Bairn Meg Fine 164
And I Owe You Lynda Roper 165
Walk Softly There Nora Jeffrey 181
T'Lan Jude Townsend 182
Love's Promise Kept Terri Sylvester 200
Tobin's Dragon Rosemarie Eierman 202
Essentials of the Heart Nora Jeffrey 212
Our Dearest Blood Terri Sylvester 214
Quest Marion McChesney 216
Amazing Grace Lynn Syck & Laurel Ridener 217


Lucy Synk front cover
Lydia Moon back cover

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