Table of Contents

The Sounds of Silence Marion McChesney1
Together Marion McChesney21
Timelines Sharon Fetter22
Consequences Suzan Lovette23
Hors De Combat Dayle Barker29
So Well Remembered Marion McChesney30
Cosmic Wonders Crystal Taylor32
It's All How You Look At It Rosemary Eierman33
Dream Realized Marion McChesney38
Sea of Being Sharon Fetter40
Night of Sorrow, Day of Grief Beverly Volker41
Sea of Darkness Judy Darnell43
Heartcall Martha J. Bonds44
Patterns of Childhood Lynda Roper45
A Gift Marion McChesney64
Love Dies A' Blooming Terri Sylvester65
The Silent Death of Beauty Terri Sylvester66
Isolation Dayle Barker68
The Last Story Debbie Painter69
No Anyone Ever Beverly Danielson81
Magical Touch Robin Volker87
Writing Touch Terri Sylvester & Susan Crites 88
Taking the First Step Laura Zipkin92
Kanutu Woman Dayle Barker97
Faded Yesterdays Marion McChesney98
Last Testament Geraldine Sylvester100
The Impossible Dream Jackie Deley102
Thy Glory Like a Shooting Star Ingrid Cross103
Release Charlotte Davis108
Mind-Love Martha J. Bonds135
The Lady From Kerilane Judy Darnell136
Heartsong Beverly Volker139
The Protected Nancy Kippax140
The Search (Uhura's Theme) Matha J. Bonds 170
Here's to the Writers Suzanne Elmore172
Zine Listings Various174
Spock Marilyn Johansen176
In Vision Seen Through Crystal Tears Judy Darnell177
Five Any Way Marion McChesney178


Chris GrahlFront and Back Cover

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