Table of Contents

Vault of Dreams Terri Sylvesteri
The Silver Cube Mary A. Smith1
Awaited Marion McChesney23
Thy Human Blood Martha J. Bonds24
Visions Jean Chabot33
Wonderings Kathryn E. Moore35
Reflections Geraldine Sylvester 36
All Sales Marion McChesney37f
Because of You - I am Ginna LaCroix44
Evening Conversation Ingrid Cross49
Logical Daydream Sharon Fetter53
We Just Disagree Alinda Alain54
The Warmth of a Human Touch Kathryn E. Moore75
Summer Rain Judy Darnell77
Some Days It Just Doesn't Rayelle Roe78
Visitations Marion McChesney96
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Terri Sylvester99
Daughter of the Stars Terri Sylvester104
Survival Geraldine Sylvester105
Moments in Time Marion McChesney106
Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself Lynne Stephens107
Unity Kathryn E. Moore110
Mourners Lynda K. Roper111
A New Beginning Charlotte Davis118
So Well Remembered Marion McChesney138
Final Threads Ann Flegg139
Writing Contest Lynne Stevens140
Two Souls That Touch Ann Flegg142
TerPor Pat Maxx143
Silent Partner Judy Darnell158
Friendship's Hand Marion McChesney159
The Answer in Chess Crystal Taylor160
Interesting Game This Poker David Gordon162
One last Song Judy Darnell166
Cartoons Gloria Ann Rovelstad168
Then There Was the Time Nadya Emanuel169
Seasons Marion McChesney190
Zine Ad Listing Various191


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Chris GrahlBack Cover
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