When an alien race, dubbed 'The Visitors', comes to our planet, ostensibly in peace, they are warmly welcomed by the people of Earth. But a dedicated group of Resistance fighters, based in Los Angeles, discover the aliens' secrets -- a mass conspiracy involving conversion of government officials, kidnapping, theft of the Earth's water supply and the fact that they're not human-like at all, but actually akin to lizards under the disguises they wear -- and work to drive the reptilian beings from the planet. Using a red powder that is harmless to humans, but deadly to the Visitors, the Resistance manages to push the aliens into only the cold areas of the planet where the dust loses potency. Eventually, the Visitors strike an uneasy alliance with entrepreneur Nathan Bates, leading to the creation of Los Angeles as an 'open city', where both Visitors and humans can co-exist in peace. The Resistance continues to strive to disrupt Visitor activities and attempts to find a way to make the aliens leave Earth for good. In these digest-sized zines, come read the further adventures of reporter Mike Donovan, scientist Juliet Parrish, mercenary Ham Tyler, the half-human / half-Visitor child, Elizabeth, and the rest of their Resistance group as they battle for their home and their very existance!

Type: gen