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Advanced Proofs Nina Smith Supernatural / Wolf 1
It's only been a few weeks since Sam Winchester has left Stanford to join Dean on his road trip around the country, and the younger brother is still somewhat uneasy with Dean's 'let's kill something' mentality. When they encounter werewolves in the woods of Connecticut, can Sam temper Dean's bloodthirstiness enough to hear the werewolves out?

So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright Nina SmithHow I Met Your Mother / Law and Order: SVU 14
When Barney Stinson attempts to pick up a woman at a museum exhibit, he watches in confused horror as she screams that he'd raped her and then jumps off a balcony to get away from him. Detectives Benson and Stabler of SVU catch the case, but even though they're determined to get to the bottom of it, they can find no record of this rape ever having taken place. Can Barney's friends help him discover the truth, or will they just unnecessarily complicate things even more?

Patience Nina SmithHouse / Alias 44
Spies are running around Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, desperately searching for something called 'Gethsemane,' but Dr. Wilson isn't happy at being pistol-whipped, the three residents following one spy around are trying to discover what's happening, and Dr. Cuddy's office has become a sort of unofficial HQ. Danger and snark seem to go hand-in-hand whenever Sydney Bristow shows up, but she may have met her match in stubborn, cranky Greg House, who just wants his Vicodin back.

Unreal City Nina SmithCSI: New York / Eyes Wide Shut 82
When a current case resembles a years-old case, NYPD Detective Danny Messer delves into it, discovering more than he ever wanted to about a secret underground sex-violence-anything-goes club whose depravity reaches back centuries. When he disappears after calling in a lead, Mac, Lindsay and Flack retrace his steps, hoping to find him before something dire happens if it hasn't already. . . .


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