The Table of Contents

By the Pricking of My Thumbs Lorraine A. ScherrerLord of the Rings 1
Perhaps Tonight Cedwick P. SheltonOriginal Fiction 71
Beauty's Love Melissa MastorisBeauty and the Beast 72
Atonement Jacquelyn KincaidOriginal Fiction 73
The Sekret Diary of Severus
Snape, The Potions Master
Cassandra FalconeHarry Potter 78
Storm J. Paulette ForsheyOriginal Fiction 81
Unanswered Questions Melissa MastorisThe X-Files 82
Thumb War Tye BourdonyCartoon 83
Gurlgoyle's Night out G.L. SuleaBureau-13 85
Parents J. Paulette ForsheyOriginal Fiction 93
He is Home J. Paulette ForsheyOriginal Fiction 94
The Flute J. Paulette ForsheyOriginal Fiction 95
Ghost in the Graveyard JynjyrMacGyver 105
Just Yesterday Lorraine AndersonStar Trek: TOS 111
Mulder's Vow Melissa MastorisThe X-Files 114
Navy Seal Dennis MichaelsOriginal Fiction 115
Men and Me J. Paulette ForsheyOriginal Fiction 118
Journey Out of Darkness CassDiagnosis Murder 119
Another Life Wins J. Paulette ForsheyOriginal Fiction 198
XR Meets Andromeda Tye BourdonyCartoon 199
Reflections in the Darkness: Mulder Melissa MastorisThe X-Files 201
Assignments Lorraine AndersonQuantum Leap 202
Protecting Angel J. Paulette ForsheySpace: Above and Beyond 207
The Rosary J. Paulette ForsheyOriginal Fiction 208
Vincent's Dreams Melissa MastorisBeauty and the Beast 212
Overload Charlie NashDead Zone 213
A Woman Dances Alone SallyAnne SwansonOriginal Fiction 229
Memory's Gift SG1StorytellerStargate SG-1 230
Highway Beasts J. Paulette ForsheyOriginal Fiction 233
To Change Charlie NashOriginal Fiction 234
The Woman J. Paulette ForsheyOriginal Fiction 246
If Ever in Need MarlaStar Wars 248
The Search for the Truth Melissa MastorisThe X-Files 259
Deep Cut Murder J. Paulette ForsheyOriginal Fiction 260
When Does Madness Start, I Wonder J. Paulette ForsheyOriginal Fiction 262
Connections Michael EmondOriginal Fiction 264
The Reason Why Melissa MastorisThe X-Files 271
Moral Stance SG1StorytellerStargate SG-1 272
The Death of Beliefs Melissa MastorisThe X-Files 278
Col. O'Neill Meets Adama and Starbuck Tye BourdonyCartoon 279
That Strange Critter Love Vanessa Van CleefOriginal Fiction 281
Comfortable Beauty Vanessa Van CleefOriginal Fiction 289
The Net of Destiny Vanessa Van CleefScorpion King 290
Tipografekel Arrerz XV Typists and WritersThis Zine 345


Tye Bourdonyfront cover
Aurelia Chaintreuil2, 25, 35, 53, 65
Julie Fitch121, 123, 131, 135, 141, 151, 155,
166, 173, 186, 189, 207, 259, 271
J. Paulette Forshey247
Jesse McClain221
Simone Smit21, 55, 62, 193
Dente Tobias109, 231

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