The Table of Contents

Kiss of Innocence Lindsey Space: Above and Beyond 1
Watcher's Lament Joram Highlander 20
Coming Home EJC Kung Fu: TLC 22
Waiting Out the Storm Oriole Garrison's Gorrillas 26
Mercutio Joram Romeo and Juliet 28
Night Thoughts EJC Quantum Leap 32
Dolbaden Joram Garrison's Gorillas 35
A Natural-Born's Fantasy Lindsey Space: Above and Beyond 60
The Visit Joram War of the Worlds 62
Wishing for the Moon EJC Babylon 5 72
Crisis of Faith EPS Garrison's Gorillas 75
Blow Out the Candles Gena Fisher The Sentinel 78
Seeing Me in Your Eyes Gena Fisher The Sentinel 88

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