T'HY'LA 26

The Table of Contents

Omega and Alpha K'Chaps1
Lost in Translation Anne Elliot37
The Daredevil Diegina58
Denial CatalenaMara59
Sacramental Wine J.S. Cavalcante60
To Calm a Storm Farfalla Caqui74
A Slight Difference Daisy Moore77
Giving Thanks Khiori91
Meat Dreams J.S. Cavalcante97
Miramanee Kelly Reiger162
...And Its Business is Joy Elise Madrid125
The Trust Kelly Reiger162
Equal Partners Kelly Reiger163
Do Not Grieve Kelly Reiger164
The Only Choice Farfalla Caqui165
Stardate: Monday Farfalla Caqui172
Colorful Kite Kelly Reiger184
A Light in the Darkness Deborah Cummins185


Marianne Muellerfront cover, back cover, end piece
T'Guessfrontispiece, 62, 76, 184
Gamin Davis164

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