T'HY'LA 21

The Table of Contents

Lost Sailor Greywolf the Wanderer 1
Ripple Greywolf the Wanderer 19
Lord of the Dance T'Rhys 33
ComeupPANce Emily Adams 35
Blue World Robin Hood 49
Thoughts (Letting Go) Helen 50
The Vacation Robin Hood 54
Home Karin Porter 55
The Puppy Robin Hood 61
Voyages Patricia Roe 62
Poems from the Bonding Ariel 79
Operation: Annihilate Ariel 80
The Hug Sonnets Virginia Sky 81
Remember Me Ida Vega 85
To Dance with a Warrior Karin Porter 138
The Valley of Love and Delight Elenadia 167


Liz Woledge Front Cover
Alison Fiddler 81, 168

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