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Type: gen

In 1938, seaplane pilot, soldier of fortune and former Flying Tigers pilot Jake Cutter made his home on the South Pacific island of Boragora, along with his one-eyed dog Jack and his mechanic Corky. His other companions were Bon Chance Louie, the local magistrate and owner of the Monkey Bar hangout, Sarah Stickney White, the bar's singer,who was actually an American spy, and Dutch minister Willie Tenboom, who was actually a German spy. Rounding out the cast of schemers was Princess Kogi, ruler of the nearby island of Matuka, and the samurai warrior Todo, who commanded her private army. With stolen gems and international politics -- Jake didn't know what he was in for when he, Sarah, Louis and the reverend flew to Kahiki to help fight a plague, and met a mixed group of spies, thieves and Princess Koji. Has Sarah fallen in love? Will Jake succumb to Koji's wiles? Can Willie betray his friends to his masters? Will the troubles of a Celtic island spell war across the Pacific? Written by Sharon Monroe, with illustrations by C. Udall, don't miss this terrific tale!