The Table of Contents

Letters of Comment The Loyal Readers 1
To Forgive the Soldiers Debra Hicks 9
Ash Wednesday Jane Kaufenberg 18
Santuary Katherine Scarritt 20
Masquerade Elaine Leeks 24
Start With a Mirror Helen B 25
Considered in a Hospital Daphne Hamilton 44
After the Fall Marcia Brin 47
Lord Acton Redux Marcia Brin 52
When I'm Sixty-Four Ruth Collerson 55
Recollection Elaine Leeks 72
Damaged Goods Patricia D'Orazio 75
Playing With Fire Jane Kaufenberg 96
All Poetry is Difficult to Read Kate Nuernberg 98
Something Unspoken Rachel Duncan 113
Quicksand Rachel Duncan 114
Ghosts Appear and Fade Away Kate Nuernberg 115
The Professionals
First Form Reader
Paula Smith 122
Fallen Angel Elaine Holden 125
Ivory Towers Marcia Brin 134
Dog in the Night Marguerite Krause 138
Wild Fancy Emily Ross 228


Kate Nuernberg front cover

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