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Mortgages and Mudpies Tiger Tyger1
The holidays bring conflict, adjustment, heartache, discovery and joy for the newly established Ellison-Sandburg family. With this third story in the Guns and Roses universe, Tiger Tyger spins yet another engrossing emotional journey rife with rich characterizations and compelling situations. Jim and Blair face not only the first Christmas with their new family, but also deal with the complications of illness and strained family ties as an unexpected guest shows up for the holidays.

Back Alley Blair Emrys51
In this steamy A/U, grad student-and part-time 'rent boy' Blair Sandburg gets more than he bargained for in the alley one damp, dark night when a mysterious stranger crosses his path, bringing both danger and desire into Blair's world. Sandburg must decide whether to risk himself to help the endangered detective, a decision made more difficult by the inexplicable, yet undeniable attraction he feels towards this man he's just met.

At the Pleasure of the President Tiger Tyger65
In this crossover story with "The West Wing," President Jed Bartlett's daughter has been kidnapped, a turn of events that lands the Sentinel and his partner smack in the center of the White House's West Wing. Though their unique talents and abilities are needed in the search for the missing girl, Ellison is reluctant to help, fearful of what will happen to him and Blair if their secret garners too much attention from the government and feds alike.

Seasons Change Glow133
It is a week after the events of "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg" and Blair is in his office at the university, packing up his belongings. In actuality, he's having a great deal of difficulty packing. He finds himself searching for the cause, which leads Blair on a journey of introspection and self-discovery as he contemplates his life, his future and his relationship with Jim. This emotionally charged story explores the history shared between Sentinel and Guide as they stand perched on the crossroads of an uncertain future.


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