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Separation Anxiety Emrys1
When Blair is given an opportunity to study Aboriginal tribesmen in Australia, he is torn between the need to go in order to maintain his career as a Doctor of Anthropology at Rainier . . . and his trepidation at leaving his Sentinel's side for such an extended period of time. Jim, however, is insistent that Blair not turn down this opportunity, forcing them to confront the as yet unknown effects such a prolonged separation between Sentinel and Guide could have on them. This is a wonderful story by Emrys, dealing with the impact of the difficult separation and the discoveries both Jim and Blair make about themselves, their partnership, and each other during their time apart.

Danger and Daffodils Tiger Tyger58
This story is a chapter in the 'Guns & Roses' universe (first introduced in Synergy 1). Angel and Paulie are settling in with their foster-parents, and Blair decides that it's time to find a bigger home. Along the way, Jim builds and develops his relationship with his brother, and finally takes down Angel's murderous father. This story is filled with the love, joy, drama, humor, intensity and heat that has come to define this universe. Tiger has done her usual incredible job creating a detailed, three-dimensional world that you become so drawn into you are reluctant to leave!

Missing Pieces Gloria Ruggeri126
This is an absorbing story that begins where the episode "Remembrance" left off. It becomes increasingly apparent to Blair that Jim's relationship with his father is more troubled than he originally thought. When Jim's emotional distress continues long after the Foster case is closed, Blair is determined to find out why. What he learns when he unlocks some of the secrets of Jim's past sends them both on a cathartic journey as they work to come to terms with the 'missing pieces' of Jim's life together. Gloria has written a compelling story of emotional trauma and healing that's not to be missed!


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