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Backfire Tiger Tyger1
What happens when a possessive Sentinel hatches a 'sure-fire' plot to hold on to his Guide? The title of this fiery *hot* story by Tiger Tyger should give you a good indication! Detective Ellison gets way more than he bargained for when he devises a more 'hands-on' approach to keeping his partner by his side.

Primal Submission XFreak31
Teasing Blair... hungry, horny Jim... and a wild playtime romp which commences when Blair dares to entice the 'Panther' out of its hiding place. Another great story by X-Freak!

Strong Enough Gloria Ruggeri39
The pheromone issue rears again for the Sentinel in a way that could destroy all that he holds dear. Follow along the gut-wrenching path as the lovers struggle tenaciously to stay together when everything seems stacked to tear them apart. In a society geared towards the 'disposable' -- if it breaks down, just replace it -- can Jim and Blair hold on when confronted with a situation that holds no easy fixes? This is a classic drama of individual reflection and joint effort written with so much drama and emotional content, you'll be glued to your seat!


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