The Table of Contents

Sweet Justice Anne E. BatterbyMultimedia 3
An Errand for Laura Elaine M. BatterbySimon and Simon 4
A Matter of Conversion Jacqueline TaeroSimon and Simon 16
Shadow of the Heart Cathy L. BrysonHardcastle and McCormick 19
After-the-Gas-Station Blues Christine JeffordsSimon and Simon 25
The Stranger in My Mirror Virginia TullyKnightrider 29
Who is Remington Steele? Karen L. MitchellRemington Steele 31
Amanda Sue-Ann SarickScarecrow and Mrs. King 33
Amnesia Sue-Ann SarickScarecrow and Mrs. King 35
Steele in the Night Stephanie WardwellRemington Steele 37
Namesake CarolMel AmbassadorRemington Steele 39
The Waiting Game Judy DarnellSimon and Simon 41
One More Chance Christine JeffordsSimon and Simon 43
Report from the Set Rebecca WalkerSimon and Simon 46
A.J.'s Side of the Nightmare Elaine M. BatterbySimon and Simon 49
Ransom for a Hawke Teresa SarickAirwolf 50
With This Ring, I'll be Dead Ann LeonhartSimon and Simon 51
Nightmares Sue-Ann HartwickSimon and Simon 85
Midnight Lament Stephanie WardwellRemington Steele 87
Riptide Episode Guide Melinda ReynoldsRiptide 91
Steele Waiting Jean ThrowerRemington Steele 92
Double Edge L.A. AdolfSimon and Simon 95
Cecilia's Lament Sue-Ann HartwickSimon and Simon 97
Litany L.A. AdolfSimon and Simon 99
Middle Kingdom Steele Nancy GervaisRemington Steele 103
The Guessing Game Jacqueline TaeroRemington Steele 118
Tug-of-War Jean ThrowerSimon and Simon 119
Complaints from Andrew Jackson Simon Teresa SarickSimon and Simon 120
A (Simon) Dog's Life Jacqueline TaeroSimon and Simon 121
Hardcastle and McCormick Episode Guide Melinda ReynoldsHardcastle and McCormick 123
At Least Tonight Judy DarnellSimon and Simon 125
Remembered Steele Stephanie WardwellRemington Steele 127
Desperado Lizabeth S. TuckerHardcastle and McCormick 128
Living Shield Jean Thrower Simon and Simon 144
Report from the Set 2 Rebecca WalkerSimon and Simon 146
Two Poems Karen L. MitchellRemington Steele 151
Delirium's Dream C.G. CraterTJ Hooker 152
Brothers of the Heart S.C. HallSimon and Simon 156
Rick S.C. HallSimon and Simon 165
For A.J., My Younger Brother Jean ThrowerSimon and Simon 166
For Rick, My Older Brother Jean ThrowerSimon and Simon 167
View from a Distance Ann WorthamMagnum,P.I. 168
San Ysidro: 90 Minutes at McDonald's L.A. CarrSimon and Simon 176


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