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Episode 1 -- Call to Darkness by Kittsbud and Tree66
Sam and Dean Winchester have battled creatures, ghosts and demons side by side for years. "Saving people, hunting things!" For over two decades, Sam Winchester has been the unwitting pawn in a demonís master plan. For over two decades, Dean Winchester has stood by his brotherís side, protecting him at all costs. And for over two decades, John Winchester has tried to protect and prepare his sons for the battle he knew was inevitable. Now, an act of betrayal by one of their own has pitted the guardian against his charge; brother against brother; father against son.

Episode 2 -- The Beast Within by Thru Terry's Eyes and Tree66
Could things be any worse for the Winchester men? While Sam and John desperately search for Dean, their most hated enemy has other plans in mind for the hazel-eyed hunter. Dean continues to struggle against the demon inside him while Haris pulls out all the stops. Resorting to threats, taunts and even torture, the demon is determined to sway Dean over to his evil purpose. Convinced that he has lost his father and brother, Dean is close to giving in. Mired in guilt and hopelessness, he has nothing else to live for. Meanwhile, Sam focuses on saving his brother, certain that some part of Dean was still in control despite the blackness that filled his brotherís eyes. Faced with the betrayal of a former friend, heíll stop at nothing to get his brother back. But when the hint of a dark family secret surfaces, Sam is suspicious that there is more to the demonís involvement than just Harisí desire to control Samís powers. John Winchester is living his worse nightmare, the loss of one of his sons. Worse than death, he knows that Dean may be gone to them forever. Never one to give up, heís determined to find his eldest and bring him back; but what will he bringing home? The young hunter that he trained and raised or a demonís pawn bent on destroying Sam?

Episode 3 -- Laura by Kittsbud
When Kyle Williams, their would-be priest friend mysteriously vanishes, the Winchesters soon find themselves on the case. The problem is, Kyle has taken it upon himself to try and work a gig - a gig that involves an old, and very dangerous adversary of the brothers. To make matters worse, both Sam and Dean still have major issues after their experiences with Haris. Can Sam even trust Dean? Can Dean trust himself? With bodies mounting, and Sam suddenly disappearing mid-hunt, can Dean solve the puzzle and catch the killer, or will he find Sammy all-too late in the local hospital's morgue? Make a trip with the Winchesters back to California, and take a walk on the wild, gory and very chilly side of the street...


Thru Terry's Eyes66
Kittsbud1, 128

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