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Episode 16 -- Judas by Thru Terry's Eyes and Tracer
A horrific discovery sends Sam and Dean on a terrifying race to get to the bottom of their new case. With each new clue, the brothers must face off against a town laced with secrets, sickening murders, and above all else, sibling rivalry. When brother is pitted against brother, can Sam and Dean overcome their own anger before time runs out and a Winchester falls victim to the town's haunting legend?

Episode 17 -- Redemption by Kittsbud
The story of a mysterious ghostrider in Wisconsin leads Sam and Dean to Redemption, but this is no ordinary town, and no ordinary spirit. With locals dying, and no explanation, the brothers must come face to face with both part of their past and their future, but in this town, death is just the beginining. The secret Redemption holds may well take a Winchester to the grave and beyond...

Episode 18 -- Dead Man's Party by Thru Terry's Eyes
Sam and Dean take a job trying to discover the cause of a murder-suicide at a haunted mansion where wealthy clients live out fantasy weekends. As the weekend progresses, it's a race to find the answer as the the guests turn on each other in a fenzy of history repeating itself.


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