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Episode 13 -- Nocturne by Tracer
Drawn to Dale, Pennsylvania, by reports of a mysterious illness that renders men paralyzed, Sam and Dean soon find themselves in the midst of a phenomenon unlike any they've ever witnessed. With no journal entries to help and only a mound of research for aid, the boys can only hope a clever alias and a charming demeanor can shelter them from a curse.

Episode 14 -- Pyromania by Grkgrl88
Dean and Sam travel to Odon, Indiana, to investigate the puzzling death of a young man. After talking to a few of the locals, the Winchesters learn that there may be another force at work in the town -- one that wants revenge. The research doesnít exactly fit, but Samís visions provide a few clues. Someone else is going to die, and the brothers need to figure out the case before time slips -- burns -- away.

Episode 15 -- Graven Images by Irismay42
A paying gig leads Sam and Dean to a Pennsylvania shopping mall where apparently random customers are collapsing into near-catatonia. When his brother disappears while investigating the mall's basement, Sam begins to suspect there may be a soul-stealer at work, just as Dean wakes to discover he's not who he thought he was...


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