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Episode 10 -- End Game by Kittsbud and H.T. Marie
The Winchesters have been hunting this Demon for twenty-three years. It's the thing that killed Mom, the thing that killed Jess. Their nemesis has never had a name, until now. The answers they find, with the help of an unfortunate friend, may prove more of a curse than a blessing, however. Some evil things are far better at catching than being caught...

Episode 11 -- Cult by Kittsbud and H.T. Marie
Sam is missing and it's up to Dean and John to escape their foe's clutches and find him before it's too late. Just what does the demon plan to do with the youngest Winchester, and who are its strangely tatooed allies? The race is on -- but with a fire demon, you should always expect to get burned.

Episode 12 -- Hollow by Kittsbud
In the backwoods of Kentucky, something evil has stirred... Sam and Dean meet a young girl whose father vanished during a hunting trip. The girl tells a strange and unbelievable tale about his attacker. Now, the two intrepid brothers must discover what is killing people from the local town of Jackson, before they, too, feel the wrath of the imperceptible, carniverous creature.


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