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Episode 7 -- Deep Waters by Kittsbud
Something is sinking ships off the tiny coastal town of St. Michael's Bay, and it's up to Sam and Dean to figure out what! With time running out, the Winchester boys find a new ally in their quest to discover answers, but can Tim Walker lead them to their ghostly killer, or will their final boat journey take them to a very watery grave deep beneath the oceans waves?

Episode 8 -- Let Go by Irismay42
A rash of suicides lead Sam and Dean to a small Connecticut town and the vengeful spirit of a little girl taken before her time. With the body count rising, the Winchesters must put an end to the specter's machinations before one of them becomes her next victim...

Episode 9 -- Writhe by Thru Terry's Eyes
When Dean suddenly becomes ill as he and Sam are passing through Athens, Georgia, the unplanned stop accidentally involves the brothers in a series of horrific deaths that follow a pattern of victims going back hundreds of years. Only the secrets of Samís desperate research can provide the key to tracking down and destroying the elusive killer before Dean becomes its latest victim.


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