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Episode 4 -- Swamped by HT Marie
A paying gig is a paying gig until Dean's prized possession, his amulet necklace, ends up lost in the Louisiana swamp following a run-in with the infamous Hogzilla. The necklace is apparently not ready to be separated from its guardian, however, and the desperate mission to reunite the two leads the boys into a twisted web of conspiracy more ancient than they can imagine.

Episode 5 -- Company Policy by HT Marie and Tracer
When the head of a multi-million dollar company elicts the help of Sam and Dean, both brothers are thrust into the thriving corporate arena. In a world where leather and torn jeans are completely non-existent, the brothers search for their place within the white-collar environment while struggling to find a solution to the eerie vanishings plagueing Taliean, Inc. The Winchesters soon find that behind the mask of wealth and commerce exists a web of deceit, greed and darkest secrets, but most importantly, that every payday has its price.

Episode 6 -- Golgotha by Kittsbud
Sam and Dean inadvertantly become involved when they stumble across the story of a haunted hospital in Wisconsin. Things become more complicated, however, when Sam realizes this is no ordinary hospital, but the one their mystery priest friend named in his note. (See "Guardian" in Volume 1.) Just who is the little boy that haunts the hospital, and why has he latched onto Sam, causing painful and possibly deadly visions of a mysterious motel?


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