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Episode 1 -- Guardian by HT Marie and Kittsbud
In the aftermath of the crash, Sam meets a stranger who may eventually become an ally, but can he really trust anyone or anything? With Dean lying critally ill from the injuries inflicted by the demon, Sam must rely on his own intuition to save the day from dark forces that wish to control what they cannot possess. Will John and Dean make it? Just who is the stranger and what cryptic message does he bring? Heck, and what about the Impala?

Episode 2 -- Overhaul by HT Marie and Tracer
Free from the confines of the hospital and with the Impala in shambles, Dean and Sam travel to their old family friend Bobby's to regroup. With Dean still recovering from his injuries and Sam anxious to push ahead, the brothers have many obstacles to face and more than a minor overhaul of both emotional, physical, and Impala issues. Some wrecks need more than a coat of paint.

Episode 3 -- Statis by Kittsbud
When three men are literally frozen to death in their own homes, it's up to Dean and Sam to find the culprit, but what can possibly solidify a human body at -196 Celcius? The hunt is on, but just what are the Winchesters stalking? It's like no demon or spirit they, or their father has ever encountered. Does this mean its invincible?


Thru Terry's Eyesfront cover, 168

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