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Santa's Little Helper by Thru Terry's Eyes
Drowning his sorrows on Christmas Eve, Dean makes an interesting new friend.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas (Winchester Style) by Tree
A story in poem form. 'Their life has never been normal -- why start with Christmas?'

The Most Precious Gift by Kittsbud
Sam and Dean are stranded in a snow storm at Christmas that could cost them their lives, but salvation comes in a very strange form indeed...

It's a Wonderful Afterlife by Irismay42
It's Christmas Eve and Sam and Dean stumble upon a man who surely has the most difficult job in the world. It's so difficult, in fact, he's decided to end it all by throwing himself off a bridge...

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear by H.T. Marie
Sam ruins Dean's only pair of shoes, but is it an accident or just another Christmas miracle?

Lost Christmas Eve by Tracer
Left behind with Pastor Jim for Christmas break, the young Winchester boys hold fast to the hope that their father will keep his promise and return in time for the holidays. But all hunts don't go as planned and some promises, no matter how precious, can't match the forces of this world, or can they? With a little help from friends and family, the Winchester sons find out what Christmas, love and loss are all about.


Thru Terry's Eyesfront cover, 1, 15, 35
H.T. Marie51

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