• Tribbers who send disks: all files must be in Word for Windows, PFSWrite, WordPerfect or ASCII text. Please send a hard copy of your tribs with your disk.
  • Tribbers who send an e-mail file: please send any attached files to
  • Tribbers who send a hard copy only: please print it out in letter-quality or near-letter quality (or on a typewriter) as the scanner will not scan draft dot matrix.
  • Policies: 4 pages or more of text/poems get a free copy of the zine in which they appear in USA/Canada; 5 pages overseas. One color cover illustration or three interior illustrations get a free copy of the zine in which they appear. Two pages or less of text or 2 illos or less gets half-off the price of the zine in which they appear.
  • Requirement: The stories must be (and must remain for a period of one year) unposted anywhere on the net upon publication in a zine.
  • Stories: I will place no restriction on slash/gen, page length or content, and will judge each story on its own merits. Novels or novellas are especially welcome!

  • Send your submissions to:

    Agent With Style
    9821 Hawkins Creamery Rd.
    Damascus, MD 20872-2339

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