The Table of Contents

Editor's Notes EditorEditorialish 4
The Other Woman DoggyJStargate SG-1 5
Exceptions to the Rules Sheila PaulsonReal Ghostbusters 15
Could I? KnoteachScarecrow and Mrs. King 27
Comes the Dawn Linda StoopsBuffy the Vampire Slayer 31
Should It Matter Kate MulderThe X-Files 37
What's a Girl to Do? Blue TopazStargate SG-1 39
Mac Gives the Order BrilewJAG 69
It Could Have Been Me Audrey BrackettEmergency! 73


K9front and back covers
Panda14, 50
Shar30, 71
Emily Veinglory28, 68
Carl Elbing74, 77, 78

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