The Table of Contents

The Same Old Story Gloria Jean ObersteIC
Before I Left Donna Vanderlaan1
The Meaning of Joy Donna Vanderlaan2
A Modicum of Magic Indra3
I Promise Chris Waken33
Twilight Rising Chris Waken34
Love Itself Must Rest Tere Ann Roderick36
The Silent Stars Robin Hood70
Black's Gold Donna Vanderlaan76
Decision Nima79
Isolation Alta80
Wishing Tere Ann Roderick96
About Love Tere Ann Roderick97
Where are You Tonight? Donnna Vanderlaan98
Sea Thief Vivian Gates100
As I Held You Donna Vanderlaan109
The Longest Day Dovya Blacque110
One Hell of a Night Donna Vanderlaan111
Gv'Tha Fra V'Tan M.E.B.129


Marilyn Colefront and back covers
Gayle Feyrer35
Maureen Burns108
Alexis Fegan Black127, 128
Wendy Rathbone160
Shellie Whildinside back cover

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