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In this enthralling sequel to Standing Sentinel 3: Subsequent, written by Katie Steuer, it's been several years after The Change, and the small band of policemen in Cascade have begun to pick up the pieces and attempt make their city safe again. Life isn't like it was, but with jury-rigged electricity and running water available once more, it isn't as bad as it could be.

So when a group of men arrive bearing a letter signed by the President, ordering the Cascadians to travel to L.A., where they can be trained and then dispersed throughout the country, to help other cities become as self- reliant as Cascade is, Simon doesn't want to go -- but it's an order. Jim and Blair don't want to leave the Great City under their charge, and the others want to stay where they've made a life. But with no choice, the entire band packs up and leaves with the men.

It's then that they discover the lie that has lost them their home. With determination that no one live in the stationhouse and preside over their city but them, the band of tired, hurt, pissed off men make plans to take back what is rightfully theirs. This means war....

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