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This riveting novel, written by Katie Steuer, explores what the world would be like if, just after Jim's helicopter had crashed in Peru, the President got into a bit of an argument with the oil-producing nations and the US's gas and oil supply was cut off. Not having the ability to come rescue Jim, the military abandons him -- so he walks home. All the way to Cascade. Which is no longer the city he remembers. Running across a group of police detectives who are still trying to keep the city from falling prey to murderous gangs, looters and thieves, Jim joins up with them -- and the pesky Ranier student who was writing his dissertation on closed societies in the police force before The Change. When Blair realizes that Jim is a Sentinel, he's overjoyed. But when a coniving, dangerous female Sentinel decides to make Cascade her territory, Jim, Blair, Simon and the others must work together to bring an end to her reign and install the true Sentinel of the Great City -- Jim himself.

285 pgs.

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