$18.00 (US) * $22.00 (Mex/Can) * $25.00 (overseas)
Type: slash

In this fascinating Sports Night/Sentinel novel by Kit Mason, sportscasters Casey McCall and Dan Rydell are sent to Cascade, WA, to cover a track and field event and the Special Olympics being held there. After a terrific argument, the two sportscasters split up, with Casey meeting Detective Jim Ellison in a sports bar and his partner Detective Blair Sandburg meeting Dan after nearly running him over. After getting to know each other, Jim and Casey decide to go back to Casey and Dan's room. Things quickly heat up between them and are rapidly reaching a climax when Blair and Dan walk in. Now the fireworks start! Will each man end up with the correct partner? Can apologies mend rips in torn friendships and lovelifes? Will anything ever be the same again?