The Table of Contents

Leila in the New Land Dorothy Jones 10
To Summon the Future Juanita Coulson 12
Septyar Narda Roushdi 20
Concerning Sehlats Lee Burwasser 22
Communication from Star Fleet Intelligence 2 John Mansfield 26
The Skyborn Dorothy Jones 28
Why? Robin Root 42
The Free Enterprise Anonymous 43
Do They? Nancy Giudice 48
Vulcan-Romulan History Cliveden M. Chew 49
From the Files of the
Terran Bureau of Investigation
Dorothy Jones 52
A Note on the Vulcan Nervous System Sherna C. Burley 53
Poem Alicia Austin 55
The Free Enterprise Ev Turner56
A Preliminary Survey of
Tribbles & Martian Flat Cats
Ann Wilson 60
Straw Death Lee Burwasser 66
Vulcan Graffiti Anonymous 70
Enterprise Graffiti Anonymous 71
Are You Married, Dr. McCoy? Sandra Miesel 72
Recreations Ruth Berman 78
Cave-In Jane Peyton 83
Visit to a Weird Planet Revisited Ruth Berman 89

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