The Table of Contents

Spock Marian Turner 9
The Most Unforgettable
Humanoid I've Ever Met
Allan Sherman 11
The Mysterious Yellow String Joyce Yasner 18
Proposed Structural Sketch
of the Vulcan Language
Dorothy Jones 20
Duty Briefing, Stores and Supply Juanita Coulson 24
A Slanderous Song Devra Michele Langsam32
Vulcan Nutrition Tom Bulmer 33
Mare Frigoris Terri Harris 35
Graffiti Sherna C. Burley 36
The Vulcan Reforms Lee Burwasser 38
Klingon Intelligence Report John Mansfield 46
The Alternate Laura Harris 49
Rank Out? Yeds 52
Terms and Conditions of Residence
Aboard a Starship Class Vessel
Joyce Yasner 53
The Free Enterprise Jane Peyton 57
The Vulcan Heart:
An Alternate Proposal
Dorothy Jones62
The Menace Sherna C. Burley 64
The Probable Place of Art
in the Vulcan Culture
Sue H. Lewis 71
Alt Terri Harris 74
Intimations of Mr. Spock John Boardman 75
A Lament for the Unsung Dead Jane Peyton 80
The Young Vulcan's
Handbook of Emotional Control
Deborah Michael Langsam 84
Visit to a Weird Planet Jean Lorrah and Willard F. Hunt 89

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