The Table of Contents

A Revisit Sherna Comerford 17
Graffiti Sherna Comerford 26
The Man in the Hero Suit E.A. Oddstad 28
Things are Seldom What They Seem Ruth Berman 34
Stars Over Vulcan V.A.H. Nietz 44
More Illogical Verses Sundry 44
The Dour Scots Engineer Ruth Berman 45
Stardate: 6721; Condition: Confused Poul Anderson 50
My Name is Not Paul Margaret Dominick 51
The Illogical T'Pring Sherna Comerford 55
Two Ni Var Kathryn Bushman 56
Amok Time Shirley Meech 59
Terran-Vulcan Genetic Compatibility Susan Hereford 62
Message Tape Miriam Langsam 66
Even More Illogical Verses Sherna Comerford 70
The Big Bang Theory Dale Kagan 71
The Allure of Uhura Robert Toomey 72
Vulcan Love Song Dorothy Jones 75
The Free Enterprise Lois McMaster 76
T'Inkerbell Joyce Yasner 79
Communication from Star
Fleet Intelligence
John Mansfield 80
God and the Vulcan Mind Joyce Yasner 89
A Speculation on Spock's Family Sandra Miesel 93
Personal Diary Entries Deborah Langsam 96
To Christine Lyn Veryzer 101
On the Origin of Humanoid
Life in our Galaxy
Jean Lorrah and Willard F. Hunt 102

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