The Table of Contents

Quartet for Three Jeanne DeVore 3
Old Souls, Old Friends Teri Sarick 17
Kung Fu TV A Whole Bunch of People 18
Aftershocks Sandra Basham 20
Songs of the Heart Karen Ford 38
Blow Up Elise Dickenson 40
A Matter of Perspective Andrea Mueller 42
The Way of Love Jaqueline Rich 46
A Father's Love Dana Bell 48
Floating Teri Sarick 54
Never-Ending Circles Petra Bergdorfer & Birgit Stabler 55
Grasshopper's Interpretations Teri Sarick 80
The Way of the Frog Kris Brown 81
Single White Male, Professional D. Brische 95
Mystic Friend Sue Ann Sarick 108
The Healer Andi Byassee 109
Kwai Chang Sue Ann Sarick 133
Good Things Come Andrea Mueller 133
Visions of Horror Elise Hill 134
Partners and Lovers Karen Mary Judson 156
The Beyond Catherine Schlein 165
Small Miracles Sue Ann Sarick 196


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