The Table of Contents

Priorities Kris Brown4
Desinty's Eyes Teri Sarick19
Questions and Answers Andra Mueller20
A Displacement of Air Teri Sarick22
The Grasshopper Leaps Tonight Ann Leonhart23
The Temple Sue Ann Sarick34
Duality Catherine Schlein35
Next of Kin Jeanne DeVore40
Candles and Confidences Jeanne DeVore63
Flowers and Laura Jennifer Swanson82
Peter in Wonderland Marcia Brin83
Dragon's Eyes Teri Sarick88
Blind Date Brigit Stabler89
A Healing Way Diana Smith & Pat Dunn94
Secrets and Shadows Andra Mueller119
To Protect and Serve Jennifer Swanson121
Whimsey Denise Neubauer122
The Challenge is Met Jennifer Swanson136
Peter Sue Ann Sarick137
Dragon Rising Deb Walsh138
Encounter J.M. McClure146
Fire Jennifer Swanson149
Sympathy for the Devil Susan Hall150
The Story So Far Jennifer Swanson194
Blind Sight Petra Berghoffer195


Rosanne Rice front cover
J.M. McClure8, 57
Catherine Schlein25, 97
Crystal Marvig126

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