The Table of Contents

Dragon's Pool Chris Brown3
Full Circle Jeanne McClure19
Images of Death Teri Sarick25
For Those We Love Elise Hill26
The Legend Continues Teri Sarick41
Partners Denyse Bridger42
the Webs We Weave Jeanne Powers47
Splinters Anne Batterby61
Father's Day Ann Raymont62
Looked For, He Cannot Be Seen Teri Sarick72
Enlightenment L.A. Carr73
Theadora: Enigma of Freedom Teri Sarick77
Windows to the Soul Catherine Schlein78
Eyes Marcia Brin106
Legend of the Tunnel Teri Sarick107
Episode Guide Catherine Schlein110
A Matter of Misunderstanding Suzan Haigler & J.M. McClure111
One of These Days Susan Hall121
KC's Revenge Teri Sarick125
Digression Marcia Brin127
Choke Hold Catherine Schlein129
Untitled Elaine Batterby158


Rosanne Rice front cover
Petra5, 49, 64
Catherine Schlein28, 61, 84, 149

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