The Table of Contents

The Squib and the Death Eaters Ozma5
Brown Penny Prplhez830
Close Encounters of the Harry Potter Kind Seldes Katne37
More Than Just Six of Seven Margherita DeCesare43
Squib Doors Ozma46
What Does a Mudblood Know? Margherita DeCesare87
Regenesis Lyras89
Secrets and Second Chances Margherita DeCesare100
Sunshine and Roses Lordhellebore103
Obvious Lyras109
Desk Duty Mosylu111
The Wrath of Loki Mosylu116
Tower of Air Cluegirl122
Home for Christmas Mosylu127
Sincerely, Albus Dumbledore Prplhez8137
Home is Where the Heart is Mosylu140
The Last One Amberdiceless160
Staff Room Authors178


Kathleen Wisdomfront cover
Distasty42, 102

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