The Table of Contents

Dance of the Endevi Kathie HughesDoctor Who 6
Nasir MoriRobin of Sherwood 23
The Earl's Daughter Glenna HershbergerRobin of Sherwood 25
Ask the Right Question Jeannie WebsterBlake's 7 54
Little John MoriRobin of Sherwood 57
The Olympiad of Death Barbara S. MaterDoctor Who 59
All the King's Horses L.A. CarrRobin of Sherwood 76
Will Scarlet MoriRobin of Sherwood 93
Forgiveness Jeanine HennigRobin of Sherwood 95
Robert MoriRobin of Sherwood 97
Brigadier's Beltane Yvonne-lorraine HeinDoctor Who 99
Transformation Beth BowlesDoctor Who 125
Too Costly at Any Price Kathy HintzeBlake's 7 126
Comet's Tail Beth BowlesDoctor Who 160
Adsum... Lisa MudanoRobin of Sherwood 161


Delphyne Morifront cover

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