The Table of Contents

Inovcation Elise Lassiter4
Fire-in-the-Blood Dovya Blacque5
The Best Policy Imagine31
Coffee and Chocolate and... Valaria54
You'll be in My Heart Valentine55
Don't Ask, Don't Tell Khylara57
Screw-Up Valaria58
Long Journey Home J.M. Griffin59
Firebirds Rolaine76
Hotel California Icarus77
Outside the Wall Khylara84
Mission Accomplished Devra85
Blue Elise Lassiter105
the End of It Valaria106
Stroke of Midnight Vampyr Alex107
Stargazing Elise Lassiter109
The Other Side of Me Elise Lassiter110
Deus Ex MaChina Danielette


Suzan Lovettfront cover

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