In this digest-sized series of novellas, T.M. Alexander explores everything from first-time situations to established Clark/Lex relationships to alternate universes. Everything is fair game! Don't miss out!

Type: slash

  • 1: Apothecary
  • $16.00 (US) * $21.00 (Can/Mex) * $23.00 (overseas)
  • 2: Blizzard
  • $21.00 (US) * $26.00 (Can/Mex) * $28.00 (overseas)


    $23.00 (US) * $28.00 (Can/Mex) * $30.00 (overseas)

    Type: slash

    From the prolific mind of Lady Ra, come read tales of passion and romance, of love...and hatred, of loyalty...and betrayal. Clark. Lex. Can either man move beyond his destiny and connect with a fellow lost soul? Don't miss this riveting zine!


    $26.00 (US) * $31.00 (Can/Mex) * $33.00 (overseas)

    Type: slash

    Written by deft and crafty authors such as VampyrAlex, Chris J. Ueberal, Lasha and Genie Gua, the four long tales that comprise this Smallville zine will pull you into the world of Lex and Clark, where, intellectually, Lex knew he would be happier if Clark was completely out of his life, but he still hadn't managed to asphyxiate the annoying voice that was telling him otherwise. — Not that he had never indulged in a sexual fantasy featuring Clark in the years since they had met, but this dream seemed more real, more tangible somehow — and much more!


    $18.00 (US) * $23.00 (Can/Mex) * $25.00 (overseas)

    Type: slash

    What happened to cause Superman and Lex Luthor to becomes such bitter enemies? How could such a strong friendship have come to this? Both of the stories in this zine are future fics, dealing with 'the Rift' between these friends and lovers. Two smashing, intense stories from authors who are new to Smallville slash, but by no means new to slash in general! Don't miss it!


    $28.00 (US) * $35.00 (Can/Mex) * $38.00 (overseas)

    Type: slash

    From the creative mind of Lady Ra comes this enthralling Smallville / NCIS crossover novel, with a gorgeous color cover and to-die-for interior art by Eilidh17.

    Tony DiNozzo is fed up with dealing with an angry, taciturn Gibbs, and quits NCIS, knowing his secret feelings for his boss will never be returned. He decides to visit his cousin, Martha Kent, in Smallville, and is luckily on hand when Clark is kidnapped off the street.

    Lex Luthor, in Metropolis, handling the vast business that has landed in his lap due to his father’s sudden death, drops everything to join forces with Tony to rescue his friend.

    Jonathan Kent is suspicious of anything having to do with Lex, even when his own son’s life is at stake, not realizing he’s driving away everyone he ever cared about.

    Clark is up for auction to the highest bidder in a high-stakes game of winner-takes-all, with billions of dollars on the line. Will he be sold into slavery before he ever gets a chance to tell Lex how he feels?

    And Leroy Jethro Gibbs is suddenly missing his senior agent, and wondering what the hell happened to his life....


    $21.00 (US) * $26.00 (Mex/Can) * $28.00 (overseas)
    Type: slash

    Written by Lady Ra, with a gorgeous cover by Digitalwave, this Smallville/Stargate: Atlantis crossover novel is an engaging tongue-in-cheek romp from the Pegasus Galaxy to Comic Book World and back again. In the midst of a dogfight with the Wraith, John Sheppard wishes hard that he and his shipmates were someplace safe, and in the blink of an eye, they've crashlanded in Smallville, Kansas, where they are discovered by Clark Kent and Lex Luthor. Clark and Lex are bemused by the fact that these aliens seem to know all about them and their lives -- though the Lanteans are adamant that Clark and Lex are supposed to be bitter enemies, not new lovers. Could the Lanteans be from an alternate Earth where Clark and Lex are only characters in a comic? And can Rodney McKay stop showing off his knowledge of the Marvel universe long enough to notice that Sheppard is coming on to him? The characters manage to find time for sensual exploration in between alien attacks and geek-fests. This novel supplies everything you need for an afternoon of feel-good reading!


    $34.00 (US) * $39.00 (Can/Mex) * $42.00 (overseas)

    Type: slash

    London, England, 1821. When jaded aristocrat Lex Luthor encounters fresh-faced country gentleman Clark Kent under dramatic circumstances, neither young man can begin to imagine what the future holds for them. The path of true love, however, never does run smooth – where would be the fun in that? Meet your Smallville favourites (and others) in disguise, in this Regency-style masquerade; a tale of Clark and Lex in different times; a light fantasy where everything, you may be sure, works out all right in the end. A brilliant novel by Mirtai, with a lovely color cover by KAM.


    $39.00 (US) * $44.00 (Can/Mex) * $48.00 (overseas)

    Type: slash

    A rich billionaire and a rustic farm boy -- what could they possibly have in common? And yet, destiny keeps throwing them together, as though demanding that they fall in love, become one. And that's just what they do -- among the knife's-edge of danger, the excitement of possible exposure, and the few moments of quiet peace, Clark and Lex live, love and bond. In this thick zine, there are such amazing stories as:

    "Coming Home" by Quin Rhodes -- Clark and his friends help out stranded rockstar Lex Luthor, and a relationship begins to build between the two of them.

    "Purple" by Dayspring -- Martha doesn't need an advanced degree in Art to figure out what's going on between Clark and Lex, but Jonathan might.

    "Ups and Downs" by Orithain and Rina -- What do you do when it's your lover's birthday, but he has everything money can buy? You kidnap him, of course!

    And many more tales by Jennie, Lasha, Kel, Peach, Shelley Wright and Holly Lynn. With over 330 pages of spellbinding stories, a gorgeous color cover by Theban Band and a drop-dead pull-out color art piece by Suzan Lovett, this zine is a work of art and not to be missed!


    $39.00 (US) * $44.00 (Can/Mex) * $48.00 (overseas)

    Type: slash      Reader feedback

    In this huge novel by Mirtai, which spans several decades, Clark realizes that Lex is never going to make a move, so it's up to him to convince the cautious man that love is love, no matter the form, and it's Lex's for the taking. Once they have committed to each other, they must weather all sorts of storms, from Jonathan Kent's angry disapproval to Lex running for governor of Kansas to Clark's own growing pains as he slowly becomes the superhero he was always meant to be. Lex wants to be sure that Clark doesn't get lost in the shadow of his forceful personality, but Clark has his own ideas about that and steadfastly shows that, no matter what, love will always carry them through.


    $29.00 (US) * $34.00 (Can/Mex) * $36.00 (overseas)

    Type: slash

    Written by one of the premiere authors of this fandom, this intriguing novel by VampyrAlex begins when two strangers arrive in Smallville, setting off a string of events that could be coincidental. Or not. Clark finds himself struggling to come to terms with his deep feelings for Lex, while at the same time trying to find out who's trying to kill the object of his affections — as well as Lex's father, Lionel — before it's too late. Life becomes a rollercoaster ride for Clark, Lex and their friends as they attempt to survive daunting odds!


    $29.00 (US) * $34.00 (Can/Mex) * $36.00 (overseas)

    Type: slash

    Between the pages of this amazing novel by Vampyr Alex and Chris J. Uberall is a story of betrayal and friendship, loss and love. Clark's journey from boy to man takes a detour when another survivor of Krypton shows up in Smallville determined to take over Clark's life, to force him to fulfill Jor-El's planned "destiny" for his son. In the face of such a force, strength and support come from an unlikely source...strength, support, friendship and much more.


    Do a bald head and blue eyes get you hot? Do cute dimples and green eyes make you go crazy? Then these are the zines for you! Some of the hottest CLex around written by some of the best authors in this fandom! Don't miss them!

    Type: slash