The "Give Us the Last Four Eps!" of Contents

Commitment R'rain Prior1
Limerick Wolfine12
Opening Kerguelen13
Silken Lines and Silver Hooks Stacy L.A. Stronach25
Limerick Wolfine 32
The Morning After Pantera33
Sinful Simon 1 Wolfine 35
Knowing What You Want Y.S. McCool36
Hidden Lovers Voracity55
Royal Flush Sarah Q 58
Surrogate Emerald69
The Eighth Course Jane Mailander 82
Common Bonds Angie T. 93
Choices Made Voracity103
Sidetracked J.C.115
Banks Shot Dr. Seuss120
Good Look Grey123
Life's Little Lessons Logan St. Claire and Wanda147
The Heart Learns Meg156
Sinful Simon 2 Alana Grayson167
Opening Simon Brandy168
When the Past Comes
Back to Haunt You
Lianne Burwell178


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